Anti-Masking Technology

Developed in 1996, the patented anti-masking technology is still the only one on the market that protects both the microwave module and PIR elements from being masked.

The area immediately in front of the Pyronix TMD15, KX15DTAM or XD10TTAM detectors (1m) is monitored continuously and independently from the normal detection to form an anti-mask bubble.

No matter what is used to mask, whether cardboard, duct tape, cello tape, spray, lacquer or aluminium foil, any breach of the bubble will send the detector into an anti-mask condition and activate a dedicated anti-mask relay.

The anti-mask relay will either send the detector into alarm, or prevent the control panel from being set in the first instance until the mask has been removed.

The detectors monitor anti-masking 24 hours a day to ensure complete patented protection around the clock.

There is also patented anti-blocking technology which prevents any malicious or accidental blocking of the detectors field of view, further than the 1m anti-mask radius. So should a cardboard box or something similar be placed in front of a detectors field of view, then the mask relay will open and stop the system from being set until this block is removed.



15m dual technology anti-mask detector


Confirmed Dual Technology & PIR grade 3 detector


High security tri-technology outdoor detector

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