Hybrid Security

Hybrid Security

Hybrid wired and wireless systems give you the flexibility you desire for your installations, without constraining you to the type of panel you purchase.

Utilising wired and wireless expanders, you can add a range of wired and wireless peripherals, while the common housings throughout our devices ensure that the aesthetics of your installation remains consistent.

The addition of two-way wireless protection devices, such as smoke and carbon monoxide sensors can be achieved on the EURO range using the EURO ZEM 32-WE. Add up to 32 wireless inputs to the EURO 46 and up to 96 wireless inputs on the EURO 162.

This can also be used to add shock and magnetic contacts, water leak sensors or detectors. With six different types of motion detectors we have a specific detector for your application, whether you have a pet, conservatory, long corridor or garage to protect.

Additional wired keypads or proximity tag readers can be easily added to the Enforcer using a EURO ZEM8 or EURO ZEM8+PSU. This gives you multiple setting options, while maintaining the simplicity of installation, with the high security of the Enforcer two-way wireless system.

This also enables you to add grade two and three wired detectors or high security external detectors to your installation or a backlit external siren for an excellent and modern visual deterrent.


Euro 46

Hybrid control panel with 8 expandable to 46 inputs

Euro 162

Grade 3 hybrid control panel with 8 expandable to 162 inputs


Connect your EURO/PCX hybrid panel to the Enforcer wireless devices

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