The PyronixCloud is the communication gateway between the Enforcer HomeControl+ Panel and HomeControl+ App. It is the online administration software that provides you with an overview of your systems and allows you to set up users and notifications.

Utilising the highest level of encryption, the online innovation controls the access between panels and the HomeControl+ App, so that you can activate and deactivate App users on the system, as well as authenticate HomeControl+ App access each time users attempt to connect.

With the various events that can occur on the system, you can also set up and customise the push notifications that each user receives.

The PyronixCloud also monitors the presence of the Enforcer HomeControl+ system through polling, which occurs every eight minutes over secure IP communications, which can also be altered depending on the network quality.

Utilising Insite UDL software, the PyronixCloud even allows remote diagnosis and programming of systems. This keeps call out costs to a minimum and also allows recurring revenue streams to be established by offering management services or passing access to end users.

Furthermore, by uploading your company logo to the PyronixCloud, all the HomeControl+ Apps that are connected to the systems you manage through your account will display your logo: guaranteeing brand consistency throughout your installations.

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